Culture and Branding

Building companies and brands can be seen as an exciting journey. Building companies also include shaping a culture supporting the travel to take the 'right' direction. But how do you shape a corporate culture? How can you make the culture express the same values as the brand? And how is this communicated in social media?

With experience from research, teaching and consulting I have unique competence in these areas and can help You on Your journey.

PhD Karin Winroth



Offer seminars, advice and courses

Corporate Culture and Leadership

Which values do You wish the culture to represent? How does the culture motivate the employees? How are the values exposed at Your office?

Corporate Culture and Brand 

Does the culture mirror the values of Your Brand? How do You support the employees expressing the Brand?

Digital Culture

Which digital networks do You wish to integrate? How are Your product/services exposed in social media?

I have earlier collaborated with among others Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, Biskops Arnö Nordens Folkhögskola, The Swedish Bar Association, Executive Education, Trafikverket. - Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Association of Health Professionals, Chalmers Univerity of Technology. In addition, I have been judge in National Competition in Economics and member of the jury of Venture Cup.

CODANA origins from 'code', meaning an encrypted message. This form of communication bulids a culture.

The Latest Book

'Fashionabla varumärken och passionerade entreprenörer' by Ekerlids Förlag.

The title in English 'Fashionable Brands and Passionate Entrepreneurs'.


Themes: Social media, brands, digital entrepreneurship and the fashion industry. Flavoured with Russian Influences, sustainability, KGB-agents, a pinch of Culture Crasch and incredible horsepower. You find more about the book here (in Swedish): here